Travel and Location Aware Social Networks

by Joe on February 23, 2009

Little Traverse Bay and Nubs Nob in lights

Little Traverse Bay and Nubs Nob in lights

Last weekend, I remembered just how much I love to ski.

My wife and I, my friend Matt and his wife, all went up to Harbor Springs, Michigan to ski for the weekend.  While there, eating lunch in a packed Boyne Highlands lodge, I was suprised to look over to see an old friend from college sitting there eating lunch with her husband.  We had a great reunion and got to chat for a few minutes, which was wonderful.  It was right then and there I decided that everyone needs to be on a location or travel aware social network. YES! GO SIGN UP NOW!

Where Do I Sign Up?

I am glad you are reading this because I can tell you a few location and travel related social networks to rush out and sign up for. 

Travel Related

Tripit – This is @khit ‘s favorite service. It’s for the traveler who uses itineraries from companies and wants an easy way to track where you are, and when your friends will be there too!  LinkedIn also has a widget you can add of your travels.

Dopplr – Its alot like Tripit, but the cool part here is that they give you a year end summary of your travel. You can see an example by looking at Obama and McCain’s travel schedules from last year.

Location Related

Loopt – It can tell you when friends are close by to your phone and if you want, when strangers are as well. Random meetups? Yes please!

Google Latitude – Googles new offering lets you know where your friends are based on their phones location.

Moximity – Makes things easier by pulling in your friends from your existing social network relationships on facebook or twitter vs. the hassle other location aware networks have by creating new friends within moximity.

Whrrl – This one focuses more on reviews of close by eateries than it does on finding close friends. I respect a great dive of a food joint, so if you are a foodie, I’d go here first.

Where – This is an iPhone app that more or less does everything you can think of related to your location. If you are one for gizmos and gadgets, this app is for you!


So now that you know where to head for these crazy fun location aware, location based, and travel related social networks, Go Join Em!

Hopefully we can meet up soon!

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