What is Inside the Mind of Gen Y?

by Joe on January 13, 2009

A VP at my company sent me an article from Catalyst, a magazine about Ohio CPAs asking for the top three points of the article. The article entitled, “Inside the Minds of Young CPAs” (subscription needed) is quite interesting.  These young CPAs express some of the values of Gen Y workers, but not all.  Below I have summarized the top three thoughts from the article and I added the top three thoughts I find in the blogosphere.
Points from “Inside the Minds of Young CPA’s”:
  1. Frequent and candid feedback is important.  Feedback isn’t just for formal quarterly items. Underlying theme: Gen Y wants to grow. Enable them to do so by providing feedback.
  2. Gen Y doesn’t buy into the face time. They buy into goals and their associated results.  Don’t expect a 50 hour work week unless there is 50 hours of actual work to be done.
  3. Promotions are not about long hours, experience and timing. They are about performance, initiative, leadership and demonstrations of learning.  Poignant quote: “When you can show you are ready to lead and coach new hires, that’s when they’ll consider promoting you.”
Points about Gen Y from the Blogosphere:
  1. Employee Evolution: Social Media is a collaboration tool.  It will do to corporate relationships and information sharing what E-mail did to the mail room.
  2. Modite: Job hopping is good for your career. Get paid what you are worth. Over Perform. Be risky. Turn down job offers.
  3. Newly Corporate: Relationships matter more than delivery.  He who reads the manual is the expert.  Email and interruptions are the enemy of productivity. 
Gen X came into the workplace thinking they would change things, but eventually played by the “boomer’s” rules.  Will Gen Y have a lasting impact? 
My answer is yes because they typically are more productive because they are “digital natives.”
What do you think about these topics?  Is the corporate world on its way?


My favorite on this list is the bit about feedback – so many companies say they’re Gen Y friendly, but really aren’t, and the feedback is an important point. We do need it constantly, not yearly. Thanks for including me!

by Rebecca on January 13, 2009 at 10:55 am. Reply #

Thanks for the comment Rebecca. Everyone else reading this, if you aren’t reading Rebecca’s blog Modite, you really need to head over there and subscribe!

Ah yes, the lip service to feedback is rampant. That quarterly process of PAs and forms and awkward meetings…

Not quite the authentic and relational feedback we so desire.

by Joe on January 13, 2009 at 11:51 am. Reply #

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