Three Market Trends to Watch in 2009

by Joe on December 16, 2008

I have been fascinated with the Stock Market ever since my dad drudged me downtown to the Legg Mason office to drop off a check to by some stocks that would send me to college.  Sure, he could have mailed it, but it was the experience of going down there, seeing the ticker and shaking hands with the guy in the suit that got me hooked.  So with that, here is my analysis of where social media and the stock market collide.
These are a few of the trends that I will be investing in for 2009.  If you are company with proven execution record on the following:
  1. Agile – they are able and willing and have proved to change strategies when necessary.
  2. Information Focused – These companies use information, not hardware or goods, to power their next generation of innovations and revenues.
  3. Relationship focused – The new trend in the media industry, which i believe will transition to all businesses, is the focus on relationships.  Information is presented, retained, and engaged with most effeciently when relationships link the message and the reciepient. (social media tools are the basis for these interactions to occur and be measured.) 

I think the first two points are quite clear, but I will expand on the third, Relationship focused business in my next post!

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Joe—I’m curious to know what kind of traffic spike you got on your site, when the other blog picked up this post…

by Tom M on December 20, 2008 at 2:43 pm. Reply #

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