The New New-Media: Post Media or Relationship Media?

by Joe on November 11, 2008

This isn't your father's newspaper

This isnt your fathers newspaper

Today was my first day hearing about the term “Post-Media.”  It basically means anything that is after things like magazines, newspapers, radio, and any other 19th/20th century media form.  Yesterday I would have called this New Media.

I understand that media is media, so you cant really have new media. But can you have post media?

In my eyes, Post-Media is a better description than new media because it provides context to how web 2.0 or (web C.0) changes how we consume content and how we interact in our relationships.

Since hearing Post Media used for the first time on Fred’s blog which proclaimed the death of the term “new-media”, I have heard multiple people using Post Media as a term, as well as questionning their own terminology as well.

With blogs, microblogs, social networks, wikis, collaboration, video, live streaming video, we can use so many tools to enable us to not only consume, but interact and develop relationships with the content delivered on these technologies.  So is it Post Media or could it be more aptly named Relationship Media?

Either-way, this isn’t your father’s news paper. Call it what you want.

I’ll call it Relationship Media.  What do you call it?


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