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What is a New Media Cincinnati Meet Up?

by Joe on March 15, 2009

This saturday Cincinnati’s finest social media elites gathered at the monthly New Media Cincinnati Meet-up, and had an awesome time listening to some great speakers who basically gave some verbal blog posts in 5 minute or shorter rants about what they love! (…)

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Pros and Cons of Twitter

by Joe on February 27, 2009

Earlier this week I was talking with some co-workers of mine who happen to be quite anti-twitter. I know, how is it even possible. Twitter ROCKS! Anyways, I thought I might use Twitter to ask my followers and the Twitterverse (…)

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Travel and Location Aware Social Networks

by Joe on February 23, 2009

Last weekend, I remembered just how much I love to ski. My wife and I, my friend Matt and his wife, all went up to Harbor Springs, Michigan to ski for the weekend.  While there, eating lunch in a packed Boyne (…)

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Why I am Enamored by Social Media

by Joe on January 19, 2009

My friend Kevin left a comment on my goals and objectives post asking me to explain why I was “enamored by social media”.  So I took a good long while to think about it because its important to explain why (…)

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Save ROI from Going to the Dead Pool!

by Joe on December 9, 2008

There have been some wise thoughts about Social Media ROI that resonate with me from my finance background that are a nice corollary to Kristen’s arguments: Social Networking is not about ROI.   Peter Kim, a former Forrester Social Media analyst said: “Calculating (…)

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