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In Revenue is Content the Means or the Ends?

by Joe on June 12, 2008

It is true that things are not free. But the recent business model issues of content owners, brings up a central discussion about content use. I ask two questions in this debate: Is content the ends? or is content the means?  (…)

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How do you Implement an Internal Social Network?

by Joe on May 5, 2008

I loved Jeremiah Owang’s Post about implementing a social network, i wanted to A. catelogue it someplace i could find it easily, and B. share it all with you!  So here it is. Thanks Jeremiah for your wisdom… Also the (…)

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Why the Enterprise is Slow to Adopt Social Media Tools

by Joe on March 21, 2008

Shel Israel‘s video at Intel with Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini does a great job inferring a great and frequently unvisited point: Social media use within the enterprise is not widespread because the users simply do not understand how to implement them in a (…)

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Interdisciplinary & Cross-functional: My first Speaking Engagement

by Joe on February 29, 2008

On Tuesday I spent the day at a symposium and reunion of graduates of the Interactive Media Studies program at Miami University, I was slated to speak at the dinner event following the featured speaker C. Michael Armstrong the former (…)

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