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An Unconventional Path to Blog Identity: Nonconformity

by Joe on April 30, 2009

After I first started struggling through my blog identity crisis an old coworker of mine @robpederson, sent me a tweet: “@joebuddejr This might help with your blog identity crisis“ Obviously, I’ll try anything to figure out this blogging identity (…)

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Can ChaCha Find my Blog’s Identity?

by Joe on April 21, 2009

A couple weekends ago I was able to hang out with my whole family to celebrate my moms birthday!  We were all sitting around chatting and mentioned my blog’s identity crisis and wondered what my deal was.  My sister hannah (…)

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Analog to Digital: Crisis in Traditional Media Distribution

by Joe on August 2, 2008

After my post about how content is not an means to generate revenue, Andrew Chen wrote a fantastic piece about the crisis in traditional media. In it he provides an excellent detailed view into the dying industry and speaks to what (…)

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