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Five Things to Know when Adding a Blog to an Exisiting Website

by Joe on January 28, 2009

The other day I was chatting with a friend who has a website and he wanted to add live and archived video to his site.  Problem is, his site is html only. Sure it looks amazing and has a super (…)

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Budde’s Link Blog – How I share content and you can too!

by Joe on December 1, 2008

Its tough to keep up on news these days.  I spend a ton of time reading almost 100 different sources on the latest and greatest in social media and startup culture so you don’t have to!  But you ask “Joe, (…)

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Meyers-Briggs Blog Analysis: I’m a INTJ

by Joe on November 24, 2008

So today I found via the master networker her self, Jennifer McClure, a website called Typealyzer that reads your blog and then tells you what your personality type is in a Meyers-Briggs style.  After entering my blog address, it concluded that (…)

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The New New-Media: Post Media or Relationship Media?

by Joe on November 11, 2008

Today was my first day hearing about the term “Post-Media.”  It basically means anything that is after things like magazines, newspapers, radio, and any other 19th/20th century media form.  Yesterday I would have called this New Media. I understand that media (…)

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Blogger’s Loss of Control Isn’t New

by Joe on April 14, 2008

Companies since Web 1.0 ended have slowly realized that they do not control conversations about their company or all the channels that carry their message.  Bloggers realized the era of blogger’s control is over this weekend. It is funny that this was a realization (…)

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