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Giving 100% is Not Enough: A Video Post

by Joe on May 18, 2009

Four weeks ago my wife and I spent a week in London and Paris seeing the sites and enjoying an awesome vacation.  There is nothing better than a Seine river dinner cruise! But wait there might be!  The first ever (…)

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An Unconventional Path to Blog Identity: Nonconformity

by Joe on April 30, 2009

After I first started struggling through my blog identity crisis an old coworker of mine @robpederson, sent me a tweet: “@joebuddejr This might help with your blog identity crisis“ Obviously, I’ll try anything to figure out this blogging identity (…)

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What is a New Media Cincinnati Meet Up?

by Joe on March 15, 2009

This saturday Cincinnati’s finest social media elites gathered at the monthly New Media Cincinnati Meet-up, and had an awesome time listening to some great speakers who basically gave some verbal blog posts in 5 minute or shorter rants about what they love! (…)

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Spring Cleaning- How to Refresh A Blog

by Joe on March 5, 2009

It’s official! got a new look!  I figured it was time for a change, why?  Because it is almost spring and spring means change, and spring also means spring cleaning.  But because blogging is about experimenting, learning and how to network and converse, (…)

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Lessons Learned after Blogging for a Year

by Joe on February 5, 2009

January is my birthday month and my blog’s birthday month. Hey, it makes it easy to remember and easy is good.  Anyways, I have picked up a few things as I have grown up here in the blogosphere.  So I wanted to (…)

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