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Social Networking Is Not About ROI!

by Joe on December 1, 2008

Today we have a great guest post on seeing value in social networking efforts by Kristen Beireis, a implementation/task coach for small business owners and life, career, and business coaches. You read that correctly.  I said social networking is NOT about ROI.  It (…)

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Relationship Media Example: Motrin, A Brand Behind a Wall

by Joe on November 17, 2008

I don’t want to rehash the story about Motrin, since it has been reported too many times. I saw it first from Dave Knox last night, then Jeremiah Owyang provided great details and analysis, and Bob Gilbreath gave a great explanation (…)

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The Awkward Office Birthday Party – International Style

by Joe on May 15, 2008

If you didn’t know, I am in Bangalore, India on a trip for work.  Highlights of Day 1 in India: Stray dogs – They are everywhere. Cow – Saw one on the street near the office, could have sworn it looked (…)

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Is my Brand’s Attitude the Right one?

by Joe on May 7, 2008

What a great question.  I had a conversation the other day about how my friend’s manager asked him to go from a “just-go-do attitude to a teach-coach-lead attitude.”  I thought it was an amazing transition that all brands and products (…)

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Personal Branding: Be Authentic and Lead Successfully

by Joe on May 2, 2008

My friends and I had a conversation about being authentic at work based on Jack Welch’s famous advice. We found that being authentic at work enhances your experience while there and makes the entire organization around you better, and also (…)

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