Spring Cleaning- How to Refresh A Blog

by Joe on March 5, 2009

It’s official! JoeBuddeJr.com got a new look!  I figured it was time for a change, why?  Because it is almost spring and spring means change, and spring also means spring cleaning.  But because blogging is about experimenting, learning and how to network and converse, I wanted to share with you some of the steps I took to refresh my blog.

  1. Realize that your closet is cluttered.Yes, your online closet is your blog’s side bar.  When it starts to look like the bottom of my college roomate’s messy closet, you know its time for a change.
  2. Give your content and ability more credit.  You are raking in 30 visitors a day to your blog. 80% of them are new people, so give them a good first impression.  When we are at a networking event we don’t have a name tag with your name written in crayon by a 4 year old.  Make sure your blog isn’t written in crayon. You have amazing content, and amazing ability.  Have a classy looking name tag!
  3. Don’t neglect about your permalinks.  Your content might be great.  You wrote a great post about all the different location aware social networks.  But your link looked something like this:  http://www.joebuddejr.com/p?=3243255312623  and frankly, that means nothing to anyone, including me.  So give your post a great title. http://joebuddejr.com/spring-cleaning-how-to-refresh-a-blog Now thats something we can read and deal with! (I was 73 posts overdue for this spring cleaning chore!)spring-cleaning-how-to-refresh-a-blog
  4. Find a great theme!  There are more amazing and FREE themes out there by the day for us wordpress users. Find one and make it yours with a few tweeks you can have a super customized theme that is all yours! You can start by looking for free themes here, or checking out a listing of top free themes, or another list of amazing wordpress themes.

So what do you think of my blog’s new look?  If you spring clean your blog, let me know so I can go check out the before and after!

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I love the new look!

by Hannah on March 6, 2009 at 1:02 am. Reply #

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