Social Networking Is Not About ROI!

by Joe on December 1, 2008

Today we have a great guest post on seeing value in social networking efforts by Kristen Beireis, a implementation/task coach for small business owners and life, career, and business coaches.

You read that correctly.  I said social networking is NOT about ROI.  It can RESULT in a return, but it’s not actually ABOUT the return.  If you go into social networking thinking about ROI, I guarantee you will see NO return, whatsoever.  So, step out of your results-oriented mind and join me in exploring a different approach to social networking.  

Who are you being in your social networks?  

Let’s explore that question first.  Everyone has their own personality.  Everyone has their role in their business.  Everyone has their own likes, dislikes, philosophies, and challenges.  Are you segmenting all that and thinking you HAVE TO be a certain way online?  If you are, I suggest you stop.  If you segment yourself, people don’t get to know you.  Sure, you want to keep it professional.  You want to make sure you are respected and that people donít get the wrong idea.  Well, get over it!  You can be as straight-laced as you want, but some people are STILL going to get the wrong idea.  I promise. 

So, take a risk!  

Yeah, I know that’s a scary word.  I can just imagine your shoulders tensing up and your face cringing.  Take a deep breath and let that fear melt away.  In the social arena you have to be yourself.  People aren’t friending, and following you because they want to get to know your business.  They’re friending, and following you because they want to get to know YOU!  You read it right.  I’m not repeating it.  So, who are YOU in your business?  What do YOU stand for?  What’s the quality YOU look for?  What is YOUR philosophy on business and life?  What gets YOU through the day?  What do YOU love about your work?  What do YOU want everyone who comes to your business to GET by the time you are done with them?  What do they need to know before they get to you?  What is it that YOU are passionate about in your business?  These are all the things you need to be talking about on your social networks.  

For example; you see a comment from a potential client.  You know that what they are up to is going to steer them down the wrong path.  It really irks you that they are even looking at this particular possibility.  STAND UP!  Say something!  Be yourself and tell them what you really think.  Yes, some people are going to be turned off, but the people who aren’t will respect you and appreciate the passion that you have for your clients.  

This brings me to my next point.  It’s not about having the biggest network.  It’s about having the highest quality network you can get.  If you shy away from being who you really are, you can build an extremely large network, but no one in that network will have related to you or have any kind of knowledge about whether they want to work with you or not.  Now, if you are being 100% YOU and sharing that with people in your network, those who aren’t interested will weed themselves out.  Those who are left, will feel like they really know you, can trust you, and will be willing to call on you when they need what you offer.  

Now, this isn’t to say that you can’t talk about your business.  In fact, DO talk about your business, when the topic comes up, when you want to share your philosophy and when you have a tip or idea that will help potential clients/customers.  Use as many passive means as you can to share your website, your latest promotion etc., but ALSO join in the conversation.  Be yourself and comment when you get the urge, even if the topic is unrelated to your business.  

Listen to your instincts.  If it feels salesy, it most likely is.  If you get a gut feeling that you should say something, DO!  Take the risk and see what happens.  You never know who is watching and will be connecting with you and on a much more REAL and DEEP level, than you could EVER do through a marketing campaign.

Please, please, PLEASE BE who you are on all your social networks.  Trust that the return will follow.


Kristen Beireis is The Marketing Implementation Coach.  She helps work-at-home business owners bring their passion and heart into everything they do in business.  Kristen wants to see everyone love the work they do and she believes that starts with being authentic.  She supports her clients in taking risks while holding them accountable to honoring who they are in the process.  Kristen is a huge proponent of the coaching industry, so she also works with Life, Business, and Career Coaches in doing the task work behind all the marketing in their business.  You can find Kristen on Facebook ( or Twitter (  Join her in getting to know people through social networking.


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