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by Joe on February 27, 2009

Earlier this week I was talking with some co-workers of mine who happen to be quite anti-twitter. I know, how is it even possible. Twitter ROCKS!

Anyways, I thought I might use Twitter to ask my followers and the Twitterverse what they thought the pros and cons of twitter were.  Use the medium to defend the medium, I thought it had the potential to be brilliant or a huge flop. 

I tweeted my question:  “Sharing twitter’s pros and cons to my coworkers. What is the biggest plus you see from connecting on Twitter?”

Best part about it is that within seconds I was able to share with my co-workers so many different perspectives instantly.  Which just so happens to be the reason why Twitter is so valuable to me.

What were the responses?

Meet my twitter friends and see what they had to say about the pro’s and cons of twitter:

Ram180 said:  @joebuddejr getting ideas and quick answers.

jhillohio said:  @joebuddejr The biggest pro is able to gather expertise from outside your organization and possibly outside your field

jhillohio also said a con of twitter was:  @joebuddejr the biggest con is the spam porn followers.  (Editor’s note: I must say I have never had this issue, twitter usually deletes spam accounts quickly!)

Best response of the day:

A former guest bloggerlife_enthusiast said:  @joebuddejr Biggest plus I see on Twitter – I get to play with some seriously awesome people all day long. The community Rocks!

What are your reasons twitter rocks? or why does twitter stink?


Twitter stinks. I’m not really sure why yet. I really struggle in trying to figure that feeling and reason out. But it does. And I’m someone who should love it. So if I don’t love it, there must be a serious issue.

by Kevin on February 27, 2009 at 9:52 am. Reply #

Yo Kevin- I respect your lack of love for the Tweet bandwagon. Its a big one right now, what with everyone and their brother talking about it.

I’d suggest starting to share and engage with folks by sharing links of fun and interesting links/articles you find, and by using @ replies to talk directly to other people.

The last thing I suggest is to use to find people who are talking about things you want to learn about. Buying a house soon? Look up Mortgage or Loan and start following those people. Interested in hiring a marketing coach? Search for that! There are so many different niche people you can follow to learn and gain new persepctives from!

But hey, if twitter sucks for you it sucks! Just give these tips a try and let me know what happens!

by Joe on February 27, 2009 at 10:24 am. Reply #

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