Lessons Learned after Blogging for a Year

by Joe on February 5, 2009

January is my birthday month and my blog’s birthday month. Hey, it makes it easy to remember and easy is good.  Anyways, I have picked up a few things as I have grown up here in the blogosphere.  So I wanted to pass a few nuggets that I learned on to you, so we can all become better bloggers.  And hopefully I can remember what not to do when blogging.

“Blogging is the single most effect way of getting your message out, building reputation, creating authority and demonstrating thought leadership.”

  • When you have a post idea, save a draft, or make a note.  Writing one point is not enough. Writing the main idea and three points with it makes pounding out a post come much easier. 

Am I missing something here?  And what have you learned in your blogging experiences?

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