Giving 100% is Not Enough: A Video Post

by Joe on May 18, 2009

Four weeks ago my wife and I spent a week in London and Paris seeing the sites and enjoying an awesome vacation.  There is nothing better than a Seine river dinner cruise!

But wait there might be!  The first ever video post!  But wait!  Just like shamwow, THERE IS MORE!

You’ve gotta be kidding, you are saying?  Nope, no jokes from me today.

So what is the more?  Well, the first ever video post is my first take ever, and its all the way from the Champs de Elysee in Paris!  Where you ask?  Well right here a gentlemen was selling his skill.  He would free hand cut out a profile picture of a person.  Sure he could spend 10 minutes drawing it out and then cutting it, but when he can free hand it, it’s amazing.  Why is that a big deal?  Because this guy’s effort could have been to just to finish a neat cut out profile in 30 minutes time, but he took it one step further and left us in awe by doing it in two.

Check it out:

Giving 100% is not Enough 

Rebecca happened to be a bit late with her video blog advice so the video is not great by her standards (or mine), but its fun none the less.

What do you think of this artist and his skills? and… What do you think of the video post?   Do you think video blogging is my new blogging identity?

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