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by Joe on December 1, 2008

Its tough to keep up on news these days.  I spend a ton of time reading almost 100 different sources on the latest and greatest in social media and startup culture so you don’t have to!  But you ask “Joe, How do I get that info from your brain into mine?”  An excellent question!  

I share all of the great content I find via my shared feeds in google reader which I already share here on the Tumblr page on my blog.

But, not many folks were reading this great content, so I used a great service from Twitterfeed to send articles I share to a brand new twitter account.  Twitterfeed pushes a blog or a RSS feed out to a twitter account.  So be prepared to subscribe or follow my second twitter account:  BuddesLinkBlog !


I know you’ll find some of the content worth your time.  Check out a sample of some of the links:

So if you are reading great stuff and not sharing it via twitter, then head on over to Twitterfeed and start sharing!  Then leave a comment and send me to your link blog so I can read your favorite content! 
What is your favorite way to find new content? 

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