Blogger’s Loss of Control Isn’t New

by Joe on April 14, 2008

Companies since Web 1.0 ended have slowly realized that they do not control conversations about their company or all the channels that carry their message.  Bloggers realized the era of blogger’s control is over this weekend. It is funny that this was a realization this weekend.  This loss of control isn’t new.


A blogger is a brand.  Not a content creator.  A brand.  A blogger must use the correct marketing techniques to engage the target market, readers.  The conversation has moved to the other social media outlets, when i leave a link to a blogger’s post for a friend on their facebook wall, the blogger had no idea. This was a time before services like FriendFeed.  FriendFeed and the other decentralized web services make sharing easier than social media did.  

Bloggers lost control as soon as a the web log was created. Blogging is at its heart a decentralized conversation.  There are conversations about a brand like apple, a fake person like Steve Jobs, or a topic like stuff white people like.  Apple, Steve and white people never had a chance at controlling the conversation about them, especially the responses generated by their content because of blogs. 

And now, bloggers have lost control? No, they never had control. The internet is just that, a lack of control; ask the music labels. Your conversation is not your brand.  Your brand is just one part of that conversation.

Do you try to control or engage? 

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