An Article That Isn’t About Social Media

by Joe on May 8, 2009

Boy am I glad I am no longer writing about social media.

Plus, I am even more glad that what I want to write about today is not about “social media” per se.   Its about how reputation risk management is on the rise.  My friend matt sent it along with this note:   “For your blog that is no longer about social media.”


So everyone out there needs to know the stats from the article:

More than 82% of major companies are making a substantial effort to manage reputation risk, and 81% have increased their efforts over the past three years, according to a survey of 148 risk management executives at U.S. and European corporations.

Though social media are gaining influence among consumers and investors evaluating companies, only 34% of the executives surveyed said they regularly monitor social networking sites for information about their companies, and only 10% participate in them.

All of the social media topics I spoke on until my fall out with the subject are important places to manage reputation risk, so we all better be engaging that because we all have to take care of our personal brands using online tools… right?

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