A Lowes Adventure: Hidden Cord Desk Organizer

by Joe on March 29, 2008

My wife is out of town today, so my manly conscience said “Go to Lowes.”

So I did. And Boy does that place love me. I came back with a grill, some pegboard, cable ties and a grill cover. Random? Yes, but quite useful and fun.

I used the pegboard and cable ties to build an under the desk organizer (a la lifehack’s Gina Trapani) because under my wife’s desk was such a mess of computer cable crud that we were unable to push in her chair. Sidenote: the chair is the Svenning from Ikea. We call it “Sven.” You know, the Swedish Sven from the ATT commercial (Rise and shine short one, Kung Fooo today!). We name all of our furniture (I am into branding, what can I say?).

Here is the organized result:

My Under/Next to Desk Organizer

So, it turned out to be great because the chair pushes in quite nicely and all the wires are up off the ground. For about six bucks I made out with way more space under my desk and an easy to move system of computer stuff. Next project: A second desk organizer for my other desk, which happens to be 5x worse.

This is just another reason why blogging is useful, you can go to lifehack and figure out how to push your desk chair in like I did. What have you found on a blog that is useful?

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