Why the Enterprise is Slow to Adopt Social Media Tools

by Joe on March 21, 2008

Shel Israel‘s video at Intel with Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini does a great job inferring a great and frequently unvisited point:

Social media use within the enterprise is not widespread because the users simply do not understand how to implement them in a way that increases productivity and companies fail to push implementation because they themselves don’t see the value and the increased productivity.    

I spent today working on a way to use a wiki (wiki explanation) in an annual duty I have. Ususally the task involves two whole days worth of copy pasting things to prepare emails to send to upper level management.  In an afternoon of implementing the use of a wiki, I was able to be more productive by at least two days a year! 

Imagine if everyone in your organization was able to utilize a social media collaboration tool for one small project and saved two days a year!  The productivity gains are amazing.  Talk to your sales team next week during quarter end… how many of them would love for an extra two days? 

It is imperative that companies learn and then teach their employees how to use these tools to be more productive, to create more time, and in general be more valuable.  This is especially true when the tower is pushing the enterprise 2.0 agenda.

Enterprise 2.0 Education

Education leads to a clear view of ROI.

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