What’s in a name? Your Ability to be a Social Media Sultan, That’s What

by Joe on September 27, 2008

Robert Scoble just put out his list of the top experts in social media by listing 160+ people who we should be listening to if we are trying to stay on the frontier of the next web. Now, we all know how important stats and fancy charts are as they help us discern beneficial conclusions.  So I put together stats that will help us answer the most important question about Scoble’s list:  Do I have the name to be a top social media expert?

What\'s in a Name?

FriendFeedHolic Blog provided a more in-depth analysis of the list if you are looking for real data that might actually say something.   But for the real information, look at the chart above. Obviously it lets us know that if your name is Michael or Mike you have one heck of a chance to be an expert.  All others need not apply.

Unfortunately, Joe only scored one name on the list with Joe Wilcox.  Great work Joe, keep up the work for all great Joes of the world.

If you have a name that tends to be a social media expert, please let me know where to find you!  Lets help Scoble find all of the Mikes, Daves, and Steves who are rightfully, because of their name, social media experts! 

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After reading your analysis I start to think if I should change my strange to many Russian name into something like Michaela maybe or if I should stay the only Svetlana on the list 🙂

by Svetlana Gladkova on September 28, 2008 at 11:00 am. Reply #

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