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Yet Another Futile Attempt to Explain Social Media for Non Profits

by Joe on December 28, 2009

I love where I work.  Daily, the conversations are challenging, broadening and focused on achieving impressive goals.  As a non-profit, my organization is always looking to take its operations to the next level, especially in terms of engagement with our (…)

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Fred Wilson on Social Recruiting: A Guide for the Recruiter and the Recruited

by Joe on November 15, 2009

Fred Wilson at Union Square Ventures has a way with explaining how he approaches business.   In his most recent presentation, he explains how he is intentional about how he uses the Internet to do what he calls “Social Recruiting.” (…)

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An Article That Isn’t About Social Media

by Joe on May 8, 2009

Boy am I glad I am no longer writing about social media. Plus, I am even more glad that what I want to write about today is not about “social media” per se.   Its about how reputation risk management is (…)

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Comment Policy

by Joe on April 8, 2009

Although I am in the middle of an blog idenity crisis, I am now struggling to cope with some disrespectful comments on an old post of mine. To a blogger, comments are like Hansel and Gretel’s bread crumbs, they give us bloggers confidence (…)

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I am Finished Writing about Social Media

by Joe on April 1, 2009

So, I have known it for a while, but I had a come to jesus moment today.  Its time I stopped writing about social media. What!? Joe? You? Mr. ilovebeingonlineandallthesecrazythingsyoudoetal?  Yes.  Its over.  Its time to move along.  Ok, well, I’ll still (…)

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