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U.S. Mobile Payments Short Term Viability is Low

by Joe on March 17, 2009

A lot has been said of the new mobile payments company Paymo and other mobile payment companies as well. They turn your mobile phone into a charge card by entering your phone number as payment and then shooting you a (…)

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Facebook’s Huge Learning Opportunity: The Burger King Snafu

by Joe on January 15, 2009

Facebook didn’t just Blow A Whopper Of An Opportunity by shutting down Burger King’s amazing marketing plan that lets you sacrifice 10 of your friends for a free whopper sandwich, they found a way to generate revenue. TechCrunch made a huge deal about (…)

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Analog to Digital: Crisis in Traditional Media Distribution

by Joe on August 2, 2008

After my post about how content is not an means to generate revenue, Andrew Chen wrote a fantastic piece about the crisis in traditional media. In it he provides an excellent detailed view into the dying industry and speaks to what (…)

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All Marketing is Local, Easy and Inexpensive

by Joe on July 24, 2008

On vacation in San Francisco last week, we stopped at a restraunt called Poggio’s.  As we were sitting down at a great table with a great view I mentioned that it was perfect for our anniversary dinner.  The hostess asked if was (…)

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In Revenue is Content the Means or the Ends?

by Joe on June 12, 2008

It is true that things are not free. But the recent business model issues of content owners, brings up a central discussion about content use. I ask two questions in this debate: Is content the ends? or is content the means?  (…)

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