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Back to Fundamentals: Measuring Goals and Objectives – 1

by Joe on September 1, 2008

Two months ago, I laid out my goals and objectives with the intent to revisit them occasionally and measure my progress. I will measure myself against each goal in a Achieved, Partially Achieved, and Not Achieved scale.  Have I hit (…)

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My Trip to Nigeria: Experiences In Another Culture

by Joe on August 27, 2008

The first 11 days of August in Jos, Nigeria on a missions trip. I figured some folks would have questions about the trip so I hope I can answer some here.  On twitter I asked if anyone had any questions (…)

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My Trip to Nigeria: How to Teach Social Media to a Nigerian

by Joe on August 21, 2008

I am back! Boy is it nice to be back in the US! I really enjoy brushing my teeth with running water!  I spent the first week and a half of August in Nigeria with a group from my church (…)

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