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Facebook’s Huge Learning Opportunity: The Burger King Snafu

by Joe on January 15, 2009

Facebook didn’t just Blow A Whopper Of An Opportunity by shutting down Burger King’s amazing marketing plan that lets you sacrifice 10 of your friends for a free whopper sandwich, they found a way to generate revenue. TechCrunch made a huge deal about (…)

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All Marketing is Local, Easy and Inexpensive

by Joe on July 24, 2008

On vacation in San Francisco last week, we stopped at a restraunt called Poggio’s.  As we were sitting down at a great table with a great view I mentioned that it was perfect for our anniversary dinner.  The hostess asked if was (…)

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Skybus Dead, JetBlue Alive and Human

by Joe on April 5, 2008

Last night at midnight, cheap ticket airline Skybus announced it was closing down. Stopping all flights. People on weekend trips, like my friends parents in Virginia from ohio, are now stuck where they traveled with no return flight. What really irks me (…)

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Personal Branding: Be Specific

by Joe on February 5, 2008

I was attending a new member education class the other day for Beta Theta Pi, and most of the new members said during a discussion of values and principles that they wanted to live with no regrets.  After initially agreeing, (…)

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Own It Girl! A Lesson on Making a Mark

by Joe on February 1, 2008

Last night my wife attended her Masters in the Art of Writing grad-school class where they meet with authors bi-weekly to discuss their most recent novels.  Frankly I see it as more of a book club for a grade. Anyway, the (…)

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