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Netflix Continues a Culture of Values Congruence

by Joe on February 3, 2010

Netflix spends considerable effort to maintain a culture of values congruence.  By aligning employees actions with their values, Netflix can build what I think is the most effective competitive advantage, a culture of trust.   Its values are action oriented (…)

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An Article That Isn’t About Social Media

by Joe on May 8, 2009

Boy am I glad I am no longer writing about social media. Plus, I am even more glad that what I want to write about today is not about “social media” per se.   Its about how reputation risk management is (…)

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Personal Branding: Be Authentic and Lead Successfully

by Joe on May 2, 2008

My friends and I had a conversation about being authentic at work based on Jack Welch’s famous advice. We found that being authentic at work enhances your experience while there and makes the entire organization around you better, and also (…)

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