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Strategy to Engage a Community

by Joe on November 30, 2009

Whether your community is your co-workers, employees, or the group of people you interact with online, success is directly correlated to the strategy in place to achieve engagement. At school teachers give you a syllabus.  They provide the “what to (…)

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How do you Implement an Internal Social Network?

by Joe on May 5, 2008

I loved Jeremiah Owang’s Post about implementing a social network, i wanted to A. catelogue it someplace i could find it easily, and B. share it all with you!  So here it is. Thanks Jeremiah for your wisdom… Also the (…)

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Good People Day 2008: Who is your good people?

by Joe on April 4, 2008

So according to Gary today, April 3, 2008 is Good People Day, a day where you just pause for a minute to shout out some good people.  His video and his energy started the whole day:  I love it. A day of humility (…)

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