Skybus Dead, JetBlue Alive and Human

by Joe on April 5, 2008

Last night at midnight, cheap ticket airline Skybus announced it was closing down. Stopping all flights. People on weekend trips, like my friends parents in Virginia from ohio, are now stuck where they traveled with no return flight.

What really irks me about it is that my mom planned a family trip to Florida via Skybus for an april weekend. Well, that has gone by the wayside.  So, all that stinks.  Tons of people are stranded, out cash, and out future trips. That doesn’t even include those folks scrambling for new tickets on other airlines who on a week’s notice have prices that are enormous. 

But, JetBlue has decided to issue a press release inviting all employees, customers and crew members of skybus to fly standby on their flights for 10 or 50 dollars one way. Amazing. JetBlue has figured it out. Will these folks being assisted look at JetBlue first next time they fly? They sure will.

Jetblue Logo

JetBlue has shown a human side to the company and has come alongside its customer base to improve their brand and brand recognition, for little to no marketing money, but a way to ensure their planes for thenext few weeks are full and maximizing revenue as much as possible. Too many positives have come out of this. Where is Delta? Where is American Airlines?JetBlue has set itself above the competition.

As a airline customer, thank you! Perhaps they should be on the top of the list for Good Company Day ’08! 



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Jason Rakowski

by Jason Rakowski on April 5, 2008 at 6:19 pm. Reply #

Now I found this to be quite disturbing myself. SkyBus going under…people’s tickets being canceled etc. It’s ingenious of Jet Blue to capitalize on this situation and do what they’re doing.

I will have to say that if I had to invest in an airline, it would still be Southwest. While never having flown on Jet Blue, I hear it’s amazing, it still seems to be sorta “trendy.” (I do love my trends don’t get my wrong) But when it comes to wise business moves in the airline industry, to my knowledge, it doesn’t get any better than Southwest. I don’t think they have ever had a bad quarter nor have they ever had to lay people off (not totally sure though about this though, I believe this is what I read in this book on faith and corporations.)

If Jet Blue wants my business, they better start flying more flights out of Detroit! Get with it Jet Blue!

by Kevin Krease on April 6, 2008 at 6:59 pm. Reply #

Hello Kevin,,

Just to clarify somethings with you. jetBlue has never laid off anyone since JB has started. JB has been in business for 8 yrs now and not one lay off. SWA is a great airline to travel on, I use them frequently. Maybe we might come to detroit so you can experiance the jetBlue experience.


Been with JB since 2000

by JB Crewmember on April 8, 2008 at 3:19 pm. Reply #

JB Man,

As of late, my sense to invest in Southwest over Jet Blue has been proven right again. Southwest has been AMAZING at hedging fuel prices and thus fortunately, but not surprisingly, escaped the current hurricane of costly fuel. Obviously, the prices will catch up to them, but by the time they do, they’ll have surely figured out a strategic transition into this climate of more competitive pricing and pricier fuel. My money is on Southwest, once again. And I’ll be my children’s college educations on it.

Let’s Barack ‘n Roll!


by Kevin on July 15, 2008 at 12:48 am. Reply #

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