Pay by the GB Internet Usage Plan: A Solution to US Health Care Crisis?

by Joe on January 18, 2008

Time Warner cable proposed a new internet usage rate plan in Texas that charges Roadrunner users for their usage over a certain level.  I find it hard to belive that everyone is up in arms about it. Mashable even calls it greedy; but, Ayn Rand doesnt think so.

I liken that issue to health care in the United States, employer sponsored health care plans a pay monthly for an all inclusive health care plan (paying a copay doesnt quite make the system not all inclusive).  Thus, if you look at the health care industry’s skyrocketing costs, the all-inclusive plans that are offered, the costs stay high because every suzie and steve with a runny nose goes to urgent care.  Obviously, not all of us run to the doctor every time we stubb a toe, but some of us do, and those that do, drive costs up for insurance agencies, and costs go up for all members of the plan because suzie and steve seem to live at the doctor.  Time Warner should pass its strategy to the health insurance industry. That strategy, consumer driven health care, might just save the american people from astronomical health care costs.

Its the same with Time Warner.  The variable costs assocaited with the network get spread to all of the consumers while the bandwidth hogs can project their cost onto others.  Sure it stiffles the growth of broadband internet and internet media, but its capitalism and Time Warner is sick of paying for the growth of broadband.  And as a little guy, I hope my bill goes down since I can steer clear of torrents and hulu.

Lets get real, this plan is capitalism at its best.  What if electricity had a unlimited subscription model?

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