Is my Brand’s Attitude the Right one?

by Joe on May 7, 2008

What a great question.  I had a conversation the other day about how my friend’s manager asked him to go from a “just-go-do attitude to a teach-coach-lead attitude.”  I thought it was an amazing transition that all brands and products need to make.

Teach. Coach. Lead.

These are important actions to take in any brand’s life, be it a person or a company/product. They can be the basis of your marketing or PR plan for the life cycle of any product. How?


At some point someone(be it a company via ad’s or a person) had to teach you how to use Microsoft’s SYNC. Ford runs the commercials…

This is the Teach stage of a brand’s life cycle. People have to know and understand your product/brand before you can use it productively. 


Darren Rose over at Problogger has written his blog for quite some time by coaching new bloggers. Just recently he released Problogger, the book.  This book represents the coach stage of Darren’s Problogger brand. The book can stay with you and guide you as you go along your blogging way.  Both the blog and the book coach bloggers who have already been taught the what and why of blogs. Coaching happens after the audience understands the brand/product’s concept and extends the experience of the audience with the brand/product.


Apple taught the mainstream how to download music via iTunes. They lead by continuing to add content to a platform that had already gone mainstream. They added tv shows, movies, rental movies, and most recently started renting and selling movies the same day DVDs are released. Leading shows logical extension into new markets and new areas where teaching and coaching can occur.

As a brand, I want to have posts on this blog that acomplish all three stages depending on the subject. I as a human hope I can teach those who are new, coach those who are seasoned, and lead by staying on the edge and blazing new paths with new ideas.  

But for brands to accomplish these things and do so with resonance, they must, as my friend summarized this transition our conversation, “Be intentional, be authentic.”

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