How to be Social Web Savvy in 4 Steps

by Joe on March 11, 2008

Understanding what all the kids these days are doing on the internet, interacting, communicating and being social, is a difficult task for those folks who didn’t grow up on AOL chat in middle school. So I am here to help explain the four basic tenants of the social web for those of you who don’t quite “get it.”

Social Media Confused

The Path to Social Web Savvyness

  1. Wikis
    A Wiki is a tool that allows individuals to collaborate (work on the same document together) to create and update a document. More simply, a wiki is like sharing a piece of paper and a pencil in front of two people at a table where they can both write on it, just done via the web and two different computers… Don’t take my word for it, watch this video, the guys at common craft do a great job explaining a wiki. This video will help explain what a wiki is.

  3. Blogs
    Blogs are personal news pages where individuals can ‘log’ their news via their own ‘web’ page, thus web logs turned into blogs for people to share and converse about news. Common craft does a great video about blogs as well, see below: INSERT BLOG VIDEO This video will help explain what a blog is.

  5. RSS
    RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Now, RSS isn’t like syndication like Paul Harvey syndication, but its more like distributed syndication. Every page that is updated on a regular basis can syndicate(send out their updates) to everyone using a website link called a RSS Feed. You can then go grab those feeds so the web updates come to you, where as before you had to go out to all the websites to get them. Again Common Craft does a great job explaining RSS as well:This video will help explain what RSS is.

  7. Social Networks
    Social networks are an online showcase of your connections to other people online. There are many sites that provide this type of service, facebook, linkedin, ning, and on the corporate side an example of an enterprise use of a social network is jive software’s Clearspace. These help map and show our connections to other people within a social circle and allow us to connect and communicate efficiently via the web. Common Craft made another great video to explain to us what social networking is.
  8. I hope this helps answer the questions: what is new media and what is social media.  With these definitions of social media you can propel your business or personal connections to levels like nothing seen before.  They are the new wave of communication tools!  How do you use them?


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