Game From the Real World: Akoha Sends us on Kindness Missions

by Joe on November 21, 2008

Recently I signed up for a real world game website called Akoha, now in beta.  Just this week I recieved their Starter Pack in the mail! You can see all the cool Mission Cards that have sent me on my real life game playing way with Akoha in the picture below.


So what is Akoha and how does the game work? 

Akoha is the real life competition that enables folks to “come play it forward.”  Akoha gives you “Mission Cards” which tell you what your mission is and how many points you get for completing that missison.  

Akoha says it is “a real-world and virtual game where you carry out missions that involve performing small acts of kindness for others.” 

So far I have completed two missions, I went out for drinks with a friend and I bought flowers for my wife; which puts me at 440 karma points and on the lowly level one.  The top player is Simon with 23620 karma points.  Here is the kicker though, your cards can be passed along to other folks who then can earn you points.  So it ends up being like the Pay it Forward movie but trackable and a visual way to see how far simple acts of kindness can travel.


Conclusion: A Great Way to Encourage Connecting

Most of the missions provide opportunities for people to connect with others in meaningful ways: thanking someone, inviting them for drinks, feeding a blogger because you read their blog. All of these mission help encourage you to engage your community in an authentic way and in a way that is motivating for the competitive folks out there. Akoha is ready to make the world a little more kind each day. 

In terms of marketing and a revenue model, Akoha Missions are a great way for a brand to interact with consumers.  I see Wendy’s or Chipotle sponsoring the Read a Blogger, Feed a Blogger mission with a buy one get one free frosty coupon.  Akoha is a marketing with meaning hot bed.

So with marketing in mind and my love of frosties, the blogger (in the greater cincy area) to leave a comment will get a free lunch at Wendy’s from your’s truly.  Anyone else who leaves a comment will get nominated to play a different card in the Akoha game because it is fun when we all PLAY IT FORWARD!

One comment

Hi Joe,

Welcome to Akoha and thanks for the great blog post. I’m glad we can welcome you to the community.

Not to win your contest (as the Akoha co-founder I’ve got TONS of cards) but just a quick tip, we suggest to players to obscure the mission IDs of their cards when posting photo’s so that only recipients of the cards can play the mission forward.

Enjoy your Akoha experiences. We can’t wait to see how your missions start and continue their travels.

-Austin Hill

by Austin Hill on November 21, 2008 at 5:26 pm. Reply #

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