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by Joe on September 1, 2008

Two months ago, I laid out my goals and objectives with the intent to revisit them occasionally and measure my progress. I will measure myself against each goal in a Achieved, Partially Achieved, and Not Achieved scale.  Have I hit my goals over the past two months? Lets take a look together.

Analysis of My Goals:

Meet one new contact each week

I met several folks over the past eight weeks. From going to Nigeria and meeting a dozen new contacts to going to several parties at work I was able to meet enough new contacts to achieve my goal:  Goal Status – Achieved!

Write a post at least once a week

So over the past 8 weeks I wrote 5 posts.  Sure I have more drafts in wordpress than I can edit fast enough, but hey, its all about that publish button!  Seems like an area to improve in for me. Since I got over half way to hitting this goal, ill be generous and give this goal an in-between status:  Goal Status – Partially Achieved

Be involved in the local online community

I worked with Daniel Johnson Jr. in August to come up with a new location for the quickly growing New Media Cincinnati meet-up group. Wifi was a must so that narrows the search quite a bit.  But we came to consensus on Buffalo Wild Wings in Hyde Park!  Free wifi, great food and a wonderful group to get educated about new media.  The next meeting is on September 20th from 2-4p. Come check it out! Goal Status – Achieved!

Teach at least 2 people the ins and outs of social media at work

Well, I must say that I did teach social media to two Nigerians. I also spent some time teaching my mentee at work about how to use an RSS reader to create a customized newspaper. However, this is a goal that needs reworked. I didn’t set a time frame for accomplishing this goal. So in the coming months, I wish to teach at least two people per month.  Goal Status – Achieved!


After two months, I have achieved three of the four goals I set!  Also, I reworked my last goal to include a time frame. It has been great the past two months thinking constantly about my goals especially knowing that I would revisit them in a public forum and be held accountable to YOU!  I wont let you down the next time I revisit my goals.  Next time I measure vs. my baseline, I will take a look at my objectives.  

What do you do to set goals? How do you measure and then action them?


Hi Joe! I’m definitely looking forward to meeting up again. Seems like there’s so much time that goes by in between. Thanks again for your help!

by Daniel Johnson, Jr. on September 3, 2008 at 8:58 am. Reply #

It does seem like a long time! This upcoming meeting will be great, I am excited about the topic of discussion: Creating a non-conference in the Cincy area! Awesome!

by Joe on September 5, 2008 at 8:34 am. Reply #

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