Own It Girl! A Lesson on Making a Mark

by Joe on February 1, 2008

Last night my wife attended her Masters in the Art of Writing grad-school class where they meet with authors bi-weekly to discuss their most recent novels.  Frankly I see it as more of a book club for a grade.

Anyway, the author last night, Shannon Hale who wrote Book of a Thousand Days, did a wonderful job making a typically ordinary book signing experience extraordinary. My wife explained to the author how she loved how real and authentic the character Dashti was portrayed in the book. Shannon engaged my wife in some nice small talk while signing my wife’s copy of the book. 

Following that, my wife sat down opening the book to read the following note accompanying the author’s signature: “To Lindsay, who is SO gorgeous, own it girl!” With one compliment, that author made my wife a fan for life. The next day she integrated Shannon’s book into her 6th grade student’s asia unit; from one extraordinary book signing, one hundred and twenty 6th graders will also fall in love with Book of a Thousand Days

How can we in our businesses and interactions make that bit of a mark on our customers or colleagues? How would this change our company’s brand, culture and marketing strategy? What are you going to do to make a mark on your customers?

UPDATE:  Shannon has a blog and so does her touring partner Libba. Check em out. Libba gives a great account of her trip to Ohio. 


Hmm….I went to high school with a Shannon Hale. Probably not the same person…..(thinking)….nah, it couldn’t have been.

by Greg on March 6, 2008 at 6:32 am. Reply #

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